Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What's YOUR biggest goal?

Last week I received an email from one of my Mastermind partners, Caroline Miller. She asked, "What's your biggest goal for 2009?" 

I have goals—plenty of them. I even have a priority system for my goals—so I know which ones I want and need to accomplish first. But I hadn't thought in terms of size. I hadn't decided which of my big goals I absolutely positively wanted to accomplish this year. Caroline's question changed that. Now I know—I want to finish my book proposal and get it to an agent. 

That question changed the way I function in my daily life. Once I had my big goal in mind, I blocked out daily calendar time to work on it. I gave myself a due date. Both of my mastermind partners, my family, and a few friends know that I'm hard at work on this goal. They hold me accountable to it. 

Daily, I do what I can do toward accomplishing my goals. Not every day is perfect. Sometimes I'm worried about my kids or working on another deadline. I'm cold or hungry or tired. (Or distracted by Facebook and Twitter.) 

In the midst of life's imperfections, I hold in my mind the picture of my daughter above, working in what she calls "her office." She gets lost in making art—even though she is on a throw rug on the floor, with her brother cranking up ACDC's music. Watching her, I let go of my expectations for the perfect writing day. I put my butt in the desk chair and write—no matter what. 

So how about you. What's your biggest goal for 2009? Name it, claim it, and get going!

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