Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Small, Deliberate Acts of Kindness

Take a good look at the picture—the gorgeous green paper and the LOVE sticker. That small, human touch—plus the handwritten & signed thank you on my receipt and a free gift—made my day. (And it will keep me ordering my beading supplies from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads for years to come.)

You think I'm kidding? I write books. At home. Alone. Some days my only contact with the world is on Twitter or Facebook. Believe me—small, deliberate acts of kindness matter. I take notice when my Barista presents me with a pretty latte. A kind word from the library clerk can put a smile on my face. Yesterday Ms. Emma, the key maven at my Y, asked me how my daughter was doing (my daughter has a feeding tube). Her question meant the world to me.

Readers, think about this: What small acts of kindness mean the world to you?

Now ask yourself this: How can YOU deliberately spread kindness to others?

Start with your immediate circle of family, friends, and neighbors—the people you encounter each day. Broaden your circle to include your business—your colleagues, customers, and those you tweet to online. Finally, consider the acquaintances and strangers you encounter as you move through the day. How can you choose to be kind and gracious to these people?

Some simple ideas:
  • Greet.
  • Say thank you.
  • Compliment.
  • Give out stickers!
See what happens to you and the people in your world when you make an effort to be kind. Let me know what happens. I'm curious!


  1. Hi, nice note about your bead supplier. I'd be pleased to see your reaction when you order from Rings & Things! :)

    at Rings & Things

  2. Hi Dave,

    I am looking forward to visiting your site!